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East Leesville Baptist Church


2024 Mission Trips
Dates to be announced in January 2024

Bar Nunn, WY - Outfitter Church
Parker, CO - Cross Family Church
Hall Summit, LA - New Life Church

Past Mission Trips

2023 Mission Trips

Arizona Mission Trip
August 5-11

Parker, CO - Cross Family Church/Bar Nunn, WY - Outfitter Church
 September 29- October 6
8-10 Team Members


2022 Mission Trip

March 26
Hall Summit, LA - New Life Church

June 18-24
Parker, CO - Cross Family Church
Team Members: Lindsey Hopper, Amy Hagan, Larry Galloway,
Jason Kees, Joey Smith


2021 Mission Trips

July 16th - July 23rd
Cross Family Church
Parker, Colorado
Cross Family Church Facebook Page

Team: Diana Bergman, Brandie Blackwell, Emily Blackwell, Robert Blackwell, Damion Brown, April Detz, Robert Harshman, Karen Hendrix, Libby Perkins,
Joey Smith, Elizabeth Winter, Tammy Wisniewski

October 4th - 8th
Outfitter Church
Bar Nunn, WY

Damion Brown, Cody Phelps, Maura Smith, Joey Smith