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East Leesville Baptist Church

Little Zoo Care

Newborns to Preschoolers are able to learn about God’s love in a fun, age-appropriate, caring and secure environment. EAST offers care from 9:30 until 12:00 while parents serve during or attend one of the worship services. 

Newborn to Toddlers

  • No age limit, but most parents wait until the baby has received his/her first set of shots at the age of six weeks
  • Rooms are assigned according to development not birthdate
  • Crawlers/Early toddlers will experience God’s love through music and nurturing of volunteers
  • Toddlers will experience God’s love through an interactive “Play and Worship”
  • During Sunday morning services, the children will also enjoy free playtime in the Giraffe Gym


  • Age appropriate activities and experiences that help form a foundation of God’s love
  • “Play and Worship” activities will include: Bible reading, discussion time, singing, and crafts
  • During Sunday morning services, the children will also enjoy free playtime in the Giraffe Gym

Preschool Security

  • Preschool security begins at the entrance door. Our security team is present to make sure only parents/guardians that have a “check-in ticket” are allowed back.  Once parents/guardians drop their children off, they must exit the hallway. 

Check in and Check out Procedure

  • Check in: Parents/guardians will be escorted with their child to the correct classroom. Once the child is dropped off, the parents/guardians will exit the hallway.

  • Check out: Parents/guardians will proceed to the check out station located on the bottom floor (left side near the women’s restroom) and present the check out ticket to the floor coordinator along with the child’s name. The floor coordinator will contact the child/children’s class and the teacher from the room will bring the child to the parents/guardians and check the tag number to make sure the numbers coincide. If a “check-in ticket” is misplaced, the Children’s Ministry Director will be notified and will verify with the teacher that the child is free to go.