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East Leesville Baptist Church
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Youth Ministry


The Youth Ministry at East Leesville Baptist Church exists to reach students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also exist to provide an environment where students can grow in their faith and put their faith into action. We accomplish these aims through the following:

Sunday Morning Connect Groups @ 11:00 am

 Our six year curriculum focuses on building a foundation of understanding and then teaching several apologetics approaches in equipping our students to build a relationship with Jesus Christ, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and stand firm in and defend their faith

Wednesday Night Worship AKA "Search Party" @ 6:00 pm

Our weekly series allow our students to search for a deeper relationship with Christ, deeper meaning in the scriptures, and a deeper sense of purpose for their own lives

“Friday Night Light” Fellowship 

Includes post-football 5th Quarter Events and fellowship gatherings, which normally include food, games, and fun activities, but always includes some form of gospel sharing

- Special events, including Summer camps, youth revivals, mission trips, Disciple Now Weekends, Friday Night Light,  and other exciting, high-energy events throughout the year.

Through these venues we pursue five purposes for Christian lives:
Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry, and Evangelism.

Our Primary Goals:

Know it - We want to set the conditions for students throughout the greater Vernon area to develop a real relationship with Jesus Christ. We hope that while students are involved in our ministry, they come to a place in their lives where they are certain that Jesus Christ loves them, died for them, rose from the dead, and became the only way to eternal life.

Share it - We pray that God raises up a generation of students who will passionately follow Him and that God will use these students to share His Gospel and revive Vernon Parish, America, and the uttermost parts of the earth.

Live it - We also want to prepare students for transition to life beyond high school, equipping them to stand firm in their faith and defend their faith when faced with opposition or contention. Centered on their individual relationship with Jesus Christ, our Bible Studies focus on deepening that relationship, apologetics disciplines, and relating Biblical truths to their lives.