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East Leesville Baptist Church

CIA Ministry

In 2004 three ladies searching for their purpose in life began the ministry at East known as Compassion in Action (CIA). Each week, hundreds of people are affected by the CIA. Members salvage teapots, vases, and other pretty containers from flea markets and rummage sales to serve a new purpose -- brightening the day of people who are sick, disheartened, or grieving. Each week, they take fresh flowers, homemade goodies, cards, smiles, and prayers into the homes of those who need them most. 

Making a difference in 2018

3,174 Visits made in 2018
Many families received food during their time grief. 

CIA is divided into the following ministries:

  • Teapot (Visitation) Ministry Meets as a group on Monday mornings at 10 a.m. to take fresh flowers, home-baked cookies, and pray for those who need encouragement, and support. 

  • Card Ministry   Write cards  to people needing encouragement.

  • Senior Saints Ministry Meets every Monday morning at 10 a.m. to join residents at The Woodlands Nursing Home to sing praises to God with those that are unable to attend worship services at churches. 

  • Bereavement Ministry  Prepare home-cooked food for families who have lost loved ones. 

  • Prayer Ministry  Faithful CIA members are praying in our prayer chapel while CIA members make visits or sing at the nursing home.
  • New Baby Ministry Gifted CIA members make homemade blankets or items for the newborn babies in our church. 

  • Caregiver Ministry CIA members check on the caregivers, and ask for ways that they can help support them as they care for their loved ones.

The future of the CIA Ministry? The answer can be found in the youth that have blessed so many people by joining with us in this ministry.  When not in school, many of them sing at the nursing home, arrange flowers for visitation, some help us organize the cookies and flowers and others go with us to visit people. This group of young people is already prepared to take over this ministry—they just need to be old enough to drive!!!

Because of the support of so many people throughout the parish, the CIA Ministry has never been a part of the church budget.  We thank each of those individuals who has contributed to this ministry over the past 14 years.

Contact Dianne Stratton at (337) 238-4218, Linda Perkins at (337) 238-1148, or Ann Massie at (337) 239-6236 or simply call the church office (337) 239-3733 for more information.

  • If you would like to join the CIA ministry
  • You know someone who needs encouragement or support
  • You would like more information